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What’s Next?

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we are members of BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) and their boffins have put together an amazing report on the state of the industry and what businesses of all sizes should be looking for when choosing an agency or outsourcing partner in the new normal.

Here is what BIMA have to say…

Small Organisations

Select your digital partners on their ability to educate and engage your colleagues. This will make you look good and level up your entire organisation.

Don’t ignore the benefits of performance marketing at driving your organisation, but ensure that you are driving the top of your funnel with new services as well as converting at the bottom.

Invest in your team and their culture so that they are in the best place possible to get the most out of external relationships.

Mid-Tier Organisations

Pick your agency partner carefully by getting recommendations from inside and outside your organisation. Look for a partner that can blend with your team seamlessly.

Choose a strategic rather than implementations partner but one that cares about your business not winning awards. With all the fundamental changes you are making, you need a partner that understands your business not just their specialism.

Invest in your team and their culture so that they are in the best place possible to get the most out of external relationships.

Large Organisations

Don’t stop investing in digital innovation. It might seem less urgent in the face of challenges to your current business but will set you up for the long-term.

Cast your net wide when you get partner recommendations so that you might hear about less well-known smaller, specialist agencies.

Ensure you invest in agile technology, teams and processes that will flex with the ever-changing business climate and customer demands.

The team at BIMA have uncovered some amazing insights into how partnerships between organisations, agencies and outsourcing partners are set to evolve over the coming months.

We too have noticed changes in what our partners are looking for from us and how now, more than ever, close collaboration and innovative digital thinking can help us realise our potential in the new normal. 

Here is what we are seeing…

Highly results driven approach to digital projects. Nice to have lightweight platforms are being parked and budgets are being allocated to strategic ROI rooted systems. Most of our new projects are focused on helping to solve specific, often critical, strategic business cases.

Agile improvement over revolution. Budgets and resources are tight, so projects have shifted from large scale resource heavy transformations to smaller agile-updates and platform iterations. We are all slowly getting used to doing more with less and we have been amazed by the solutions that have come from more focused briefs and leaner access to resources.

Agile legacy system upgrades. More and more we are working with legacy systems on agile projects with some really meaningful results. We have been helping our partners with integrating, optimising and upgrading the capabilities of their existing digital ecosystem, giving their users best practice experiences and enabling leaders to do more with what they already have.

Take the lead. Our partners are looking to be guided by us digitally rather than drive projects themselves. Our proactive approach and collaboration with our partner's internal teams has led to some meaningful strategic digital innovations. Unfortunately, in these tough times we are seeing digital departments and team resources being significantly reduced. Our partners are now looking more and more to us for the skills and resources they need to solve their briefs with reliable outcomes, while showing them new possibilities.

Tell us what is happening. Organisations now need to get a true understanding of what their digital ecosystem looks like and how it can be most effective in the new normal. Pre-Covid, the main areas of focus for our partners have been things like boosting ROI, reducing risk, ensuring compliance and helping with customer engagement. Now, we are seeing more briefs focused on how digital can be used to safeguard workforces and streamline processes.

What about AI and Digital Tools? There has been an uptick in interest in understanding how AI and digital tools can be used to streamline or automate processes and how this could affect future business models. Previously, organisations have expressed some uncertainty around AI, how it works, how secure it is and how they could use it effectively. In the new normal, it seems this uncertainty is being superseded by curiosity and a willingness to explore what's possible with the right partner. 

It’s a strange time for us all at the moment, with uncertainty all around.

To successfully manage or even thrive in this uncertainty, we think the right mix of strategic collaborative partnerships, innovative digital thinking and the attitude that we can do more with less are essential.

Together, we can work to solve the specific briefs and universal challenges we face, whatever happens next.

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