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WordPress Design, Development, Integration, Migration & WooCommerce

WordPress is the world's most popular CMS software, and it powers around 43% of all websites on the internet. Big, small, simple, complex, WordPress does it all. We can design and build you a WordPress website which looks great, is easy to use, optimised to the latest standards and integrated with all your third party providers. So, let's get started.

WordPress Theme design

We create beautiful themes which truly bring your brand and business to life.

Working closely with you, we will make sure that your new theme not only looks amazing, but follows best all the latest best practice guidelines and future proofing tactics. 

Because we design all our themes from scratch, there is no restriction on the decisions you are free to make and we can tailor everything we design around your business, the vital functionality you would like your website to offer and your brand guidelines, look and feel.

Design freedom and simple to use, thats the beauty of a custom WordPress theme.

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WordPress Development

We build WordPress websites which go the extra mile.

Do you need a website which is more than just a standard set of templates? Perhaps some bespoke functionality or a unique customer journey?

We approach every build we do with one thing in mind, your requirements. We don't use templates, we create everything ourselves which means that you get all the great functionality you want and we can ensure that your website is easy to use and works for you long into the future.

Build the website you want and utilise all the great features WordPress had to offer.

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WordPress Integration

Align third party providers with your WordPress CMS.

Like most organisations now, we understand that you probably have a huge range of digital services provided by multiple partners, which you need to run your organisation and website successfully?

We specialise in complex integrations with Wordpress, meaning that you can benefit from all the great functionality WordPress has to offer without having to move away from your existing service providers. So, if you were thinking you may have to compromise, think again.  

Benefit from all the great features WordPress has to offer and maintain your key digital service providers.

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WordPress Migration

Move your webs services to WordPress with 100% confidence.

Do you have an existing website you are looking to move to WordPress? Perhaps a Squarespace site that you want to upgrade or maybe add an eCommerce function too with WooCommerce?

We can safely, securely and reliably migrate your site to WordPress ensuring that uptime, your data and back-ups are all handled seamlessly. We will guide you through each stage of the process and make sure that the new setup is the correct one for your current and developing requirements.   

To start your migration journey and take advantage of all he great benefits Wordpress has to offer...

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WordPress Optimisation

Slow load times? Inefficient plugins? Poor performance on mobile? We can help.

Normally, the root cause of a WordPress site underperforming is down to the quality of the hosting provider, running too many or inefficient plugins and non-optimised assets, but this list is not finite.

We can help you optimise your WordPress site by completing a full review of its current status and then suggesting ways for you to enhance its performance. We will look at each aspect of the site including, hosting, plugins, theme structure and assets and then suggest the best way to improve performance.

Get your WordPress website performing as well as your products and services.

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Sell your products and services through WordPress' richly customisable eCommerce plugin.

Are you looking to move your website to WordPress to start selling? Or, are you looking for a fast, cost effective and easy to manage way to sell your products online from your existing WordPress website?

We can install, configure and customise WooCommerce to suit your specific needs. Whether you are selling a complex technical product, or, a pay-as-you-go subscription service, we can make sure that your customers have a great shopping experience and you have all the functionality you need to succeed.

With powerful extensions, integrations, SEO and analytics, WooCommerce is a stellar eCommerce choice.  

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